Metro is your most reliable commercial landscape company in Dallas.  Since 1978, we've been the leading landscape management company with the knowledge and experience to supply the exact services that your property may require.  The on-going care of your property includes our expertise in the proper timing for chemical and fertilizer applications, the planting of annual color and over-seeding procedures.  All of our personnel are geared to working with property managers and this includes regular site inspections and the communication that is needed to foresee and eliminate problems.  Are we perfect?  No, because when you are dealing with plant materials in a dynamic landscape and the fickle and sometimes harsh North Texas weather you will have problems.  With today’s emphasis on our environment, we work hard to be “GREEN” with all our maintenance practices.  Our ultimate goal is “No Calls”, meaning we want to do such a good job with your landscape needs that you never have to call us!